Emergency update?

Im seeing a ton of people playing Rust again, has there been an update? Ive also noticed that the community server i play on is no longer show up and some people are saying theres been a wipe. Any one have any good info?

9.9MB patch just went through on Steam.

the update fixed the server browser refresh button. I hope there isn’t a wipe.

The menus don’t hang any more. I’m squealing like a little girl.

I can report the same! I’m on Windows 8.1 if anybody cares.

Edit: I still can’t join any games (even after uninstalling, deleting the “rust” folder, and reinstalling). I’m verifying the integrity of the game cache right now.

The menus don’t hang but the game sure does :stuck_out_tongue:

Weird time to push that out =P

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I’m pretty certain that the only reason the menu isn’t lagging is because it’s only having to load 300 servers vs 2000. I don’t get any menu lag until it hits the ~1000 mark.

Always one guy who ruins the fun D=