"Emerging into the new world"


Post apocalyptic World war 2? I like the idea. the germans are burned. they survived a nuclear holocaust.

Poor americans :frowning: . The german on the left have a broken thumbs.

Other than that, it’s fantastic !

you always have really nice ideas and some nice editing but your composition bothers me in a lot of your pictures. there’s often a lot of imbalance in it; like in this one the left looks really empty because everything is kinda bunched over to the right, especially with the fire that draws the eye so strongly

try thinking about rule of thirds and balance a bit more

Thanks for the C&C I’ll look into it :3

Looks like they went through hell and back.

Little do they know they are just entering hell…dun dun DUN

Nice work, although i thought they were zombies before i read the text :v: