Emit light not showing for other player

How would I make it so that the code below allowed the light created to be shown to other players? Currently, only the holder and see the light. Would I have to create another local dlight positioned onto the player and visible to all or is there an easier way to do it?
[lua]function SWEP:Think()
local dlight = DynamicLight( self:EntIndex() )
if ( dlight ) then
local r, g, b, a = self:GetColor()
dlight.Pos = self:GetPos()
dlight.r = 0
dlight.g = 255
dlight.b = 0
dlight.Brightness = 1
dlight.Size = 256
dlight.Decay = 5
dlight.DieTime = CurTime() + 1
return true
Thanks in advance :slight_smile: