EmitSound() distance?

I’m trying to shoot a rocket from one end of the map and hear the sound it emits. However, whenever the player and ent you call EmitSound() on are at a certain distance, the sound cannot be heard UNLESS the player was within range at the time EmitSound() was called. Does anyone know the range, how to increase it, or how to get around this distance limit?

I know GMod gives you basically 0 control over sound so I’m just hoping there’s a way w/ or w/o EmitSound()

if soundlevel isn’t enough your best bet may be playing it on the client based on your own check, although that removes the 3d effect
alternatively you could try playing it from a location between the player and the entity somewhere near the limit with sound.Play() clientside

that’s usually how i get around it at least, curious to know if anyone has a better solution

Hmm, I’m firing rockets which EmitSound when they’re initialized, and to get around this I’m thinking of adding players within distance to a table when it’s initialized, as it travels, maybe in a think hook, if it comes within distance of another player not in the table, it’ll emit sound. Not sure if a good or bad idea, and only way I can think of keeping positional sound.

Send a net message that tells the client to EmitSound from the given entity. Playing sounds client-side bypasses the server’s distance limit.