EmitSound not always playing

I’ve put a custom sound effect for a weapon so that it makes that sound everytime you shoot instead of the default one. It works, but it seems when you start walking, the sound doesn’t always play, especially when it’s a fast firing gun.

Keep in mind, the sound works perfectly fine when standing still, but it’s when you start moving and shooting rapidly that it sometimes won’t play.

Anyone knows why?

(User was banned for this post ("didn't read the sticky" - Gran PC))

It does it with other players too.

Precaching doesn’t seem to help either…

Well … I have noted Emit-sound is acting a bit funny when you start to play multiply sounds in a row.
I got no idea how to fix the problem … other that you need to be sure the sound have stopped before playing it again … or make a looping-sound when the player is holding down mouse1.