EmitSound - Sound is cut-off by gunfire

Whether I use clientside sound playing or not, emitsound() is cut off every single time any of the Hl2 weapons fires, no matter what. How do I make it keep playing even when the player shoots?

You need to make sure the sound is a separate channel. Write it in using sound.Add and give it a different CHAN_ enum, then play the sound using the string identifier used in sound.Add instead of the sound path

BFG9000 is correct… And to clarify: you do need to set up the channel… for weapon sounds, use the weapon channel.

Make sure you don’t use .wav files as the sound / sound-path… You need to use sound.Add for weapon sounds ( because of how sweps work; they spam client commands until both the server and client sync up… the server calls the command once )… and sound.Add lets you define the sound as a name such as M4.Single or M4.Suppressed…