Emitsound when low on weapon ammo

Title says it all. The only thing I require is it to be drawn both server-side and client-side so everyone on the server can hear the other people. Help please!

This is more complex than it could be, as there is no gamemode hook in the wiki for when a player fires a bullet or otherwise attacks.
You can work around this by hooking into Think, and comparing each player’s current ammo with the “low ammo” level, which you can specify yourself. You should associate a boolean with each player and toggle it after low ammo detection, otherwise it will play the sound each Think call which would be spammy. You should also reset this boolean every time the player changes their weapon, or the ammo count becomes higher than the low level.

Things you should be interested in:

You want everybody to hear it, so you should run this script serverside;
[lua]if not SERVER then return else

The reason why I’m not giving you a complete implementation is because this is not the Requests section. However, if you want some more specific implementation help then I’ll give you some more. I believe that this is a solid starting point for you to go ahead and code this youself :v: