Emma Watson ragdoll

Yeah, I copy-pasted from another (wrong) section:
Hi guys!

For you ragdoll-creators,

Can you please make an Emma Watson ragdoll?

And please, if you do it, make it a bit sexy :slight_smile:


  • J0n3zz

This seems like an example of a bad request.

1.) You don’t have any reference images. Sure, let’s just make a model out of nothing. If we’re doing the hard, difficult work, we expect something from you even if it is just a Google search away.

2.) Asking us to make it sexy is undescriptive. Give more details, maybe reference images.

3.) You’re asking for an organic model. This means that it’s a lot super tougher to do than something like a small box. It will take awhile, and I don’t want to be the pessimist here but it will be unlikely that it gets done. There have been requests in the past where organic models have been done, though.

Basically just improve your request and there’s more chance of it being done.

The closest you’ll probably get is a rip/port from one of the Harry Potter games.

On this note I was actually curious as to why no one ever started a project to rip player models, weapons, etc. from the Harry Potter games (i’m assuming because the models were crap) but the newer Half blood prince game should have some nice ones… maybe someone will give it a shot…

Isn’t she underage?

wasn’t their already a request on this from idk a few months ago or so? Plus it would be a bit hard to make. Unless some one gets it from one of the harry potter games then idk. But still

Theres a really low poly one here: http://gfx-3d-model.blogspot.com/2009/08/harry-potter-3d-models.html

And how do I install it?

How the hell do you guys find these things?

I found the file searching that site. Not that hard , but u need a lot of time

if it takes a lotta time to find something there’s a reason for it.