Empire: Total War models

This may have been requested a million times but there’s a good reason for that:

These are some sorely need models.

There are virtually no models that pre-date 1939 apart from those from the mod Battlegrounds 2 (and let’s be honest; those are some of the worst, most poorly textured and rigged models in the history of models). Now that Empire is out, we finally have a ready supply of detailed 18th century models (and not just infantry - there’d be some nice cavalry and naval models in there too. Someone please port them!

Just imagine if we could make Gmod poses like this:



This isn’t a bad idea, I would be interested in these models aswell.

Chesty, since the models are really small in game wouldn’t that make the textures pretty bad if we scaled them to half life 2 size? Don’t get me wrong this is an awesome idea.

Not necessarily. People have ported and resized models from other current strategy games, most notably Dawn of War II (although the models are private and not released, sadly) and from what I can tell from the pictures made with them, they hold up quite well at Source’s scale.

Cool idea but nobody does anything that is in the request section.


And there are WWI models out there FYI so your statement isn’t completely true.


Daaaammn you Chesty, I just bought Empire last night with all the DLC. You stole my idea :stuck_out_tongue:

Desperatly want those models!