Empty 9mm casing?

On a dead body, somewhere random, i found an “Empty 9mm Casing” does any one know its use?
Has any body in here ever found one?


Assumedly you use it to craft a 9mm bullet.

Actually… No, it’s not for the bullet.


I’m guessing they’ll add another way to craft the bullet, by refilling it with gunpowder, rather than having to use metal fragments as well.

I believe it used to be metal, gunpowder, and the casing of your choosing.

The old way of crafting ammo was dragging gunpowder on empty casings to make primed casings, and drag metal fragments on primed cases to create ammo. You seem to still get empty casings randomly when firing a weapon (like it has been for while).

Used to be that you needed to prime it by dragging gunpowder to it, then dragging metal fragments to it in order to make a complete bullet. Was removed with workbenches as far as I’ve understood it.

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