Empty crate

I was looking if somone would quickly code me an empty crate entity.

Like you can put weed and weapons in there.

like you put 2 pistols in there and you press e on the box and it takes ur 2 pistols out.

Awesome idea i’ve been looking for this code, can’t wait for answer! :slight_smile:

  • Thanks Leet.

I may be able to do this, it’s a very nice idea.

I’ll give it a try.

I don’t think you will find this in DarkRP so that’s unlikely since you can only just C&P

I didn’t say C&P nor did I say in DarkRP.

I will make it and to be honest I can’t give a crap what you say.

Before you try and insult someone else how about you try and help.
I don’t see you helping now do I? Help him before trying to put me down.

I’m at my dads but when I’m back on Monday I’ll do this for you.
It’s also funny how you completely ignore the threads I help in that is clearly not copy and paste or stolen.

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Oh look at the flawless, you can’t even comment now I proved you wrong.

So just leave please.

Wow, how could you just say that we didn’t help? You realy should think about yourself before posting any dumb posts.

I didn’t once say ‘we’, you really should read before posting.

Also, King does not help, he simply flames and trolls.

I see no help from him in this thread but he still thinks he has the right to put people down.

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What are you on about anyway? You ain’t helped in this thread.

I help a lot of people your point is invalid

I can’t be bothered with you.

You do not help anyone with LUA! You just link to threads/downloads

Im not sure you even know how to script.

Well in this point Queer you ain’t helping anyone.

  • You just a troll.

This is fairly simple, We’ve had one for ages.
Also a nice idea is to enable refilling shipments, so you can drop weapons back in I did it the other day and I don’t do much LUA :slight_smile:

I’m presuming this is for DarkRP. Just edit the DarkRP crate, use the OnTouch() function. It’s actually a great idea for crates, falco should throw it into the DarkRP svn. Infact, I shall be kind for once and go post it in DarkRP 2.4.2 thread.

Helping people is not giving people exactly what they want they learn nothing from that by doing this you get people like you & StanH who know nothing an expect everyone to spoon feed them every little bit. The best way to help someone is to give them a foot in the door but let them do the work for them self its the only way you learn skills you are going to need that the new facepunch generation seem lacking in and you are a prime example of this. When I can see someone is actually trying hard I am happy to help but don’t expect me to do all the work for you since you wont learn a single thing from that.

Wait a second. I though Queer Flawless and King Fagless were alt’s?

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I agree 100% with this statement but if you aint willing to spoon feed then I dont think this board is for you.

The thing is, you cannot compare me to most of the requesters in this board.
I at least attempt stuff, try new things and learn. Most people here do want all their code for free and never need to learn it.

I’m sorry if my codes are not to your standard or what ever bugs you, but I try my best and with most of the basic requests I do succeed without ever copying and stealing other codes.

Could people just stop discuss and make this request. I know you guys would like to talk about it, but please do it another place, when i see new posts in here i feel exited for an anwer! But the only thing is just negative, hatefull answers.

How would you be able to stuff the things inside the box? By just placing them ontop, making them nudge it or make a new swep where you target your crate, then click the item?