Empty material names in 3DS MAX when exporting as SMD?

i’m using cannonfodders smd exporter for 3ds max, but everytime i try to export i get this error

“WARNING: You’re attempting to use an empty material name for mesh. skipping mesh”

this error pops up on a lot of different meshes during the export, but not all of them, leaving only around 10% of the actual model in the smd.

i looked on google and no ones ever asked about this error, i coudnt find anything.

i’m not sure how to fix this or if anyones ever gotten it before, but could someone help out?

put a material on it

drag and drop a bitmap texture on the correspind piece of the model (highlight by matID)

is there a way to put a material on multiple parts of the model at once? theres like 50 model pieces and i dont wanna do it one by one.

You might want to merge as many of those as you can into a single group before exporting, anyway. Otherwise, just select whichever ones use a single material (or use ctrl+a if they all use the same material) and just drag and drop the material onto the model.

thanks guys i got it workin