"Empty the till woman!" - Two men rob a bank in broad daylight.

Jumping out of their 1993 Crown Victoria, the two men walk up the steps of the bank calmly and well armed. They walk in and demand one thing, money in exchange for the bank workers lives.

C&C please.


Faceposing is dull. Nothing spectacular here.

Not really sure what else he could be doing? Perhaps I should have him smoking while drinking and blinking?

Who’s watching their backs? and why are the people on the bank not on the floor or tide up?
Those are very lousy bank robbers :v:

The posing is nice, finger posing is nice too.

It is supposed to be take JUST as the draw their guns.

Robber 1 & 2 : THIS IS A ROBBERY, GIVE ME ALL THE- <BOOM, Gets shoot by the cop on the front door>

Pretty good, although I found the title initially confusing because it is missing a comma.

He is such a bad ass robber that he doesn’t pause between words.

Why are they robbing a office complex?

That bank needs to stop buying tall couches or that guy on the far left is really short…

His face reminded me off cool face somehow.
Pretty boring picture.

Sorry, next time I will add some explosions and sunbursts. :wink:

Needs more bloom and blood

And HUGE muzzle flashes.

muzzle flashes? i call them gun explosions.