empty weapon crates

some times when i open weapon crates they are empty, is this a bug or something

Back in Proof Of Concept it was possible for fresh crates to be empty. Seeing as I have yet to play Rust in its current form, I’m gonna take a stab and guess you either got to it after someone else or got unlucky and ended up with an empty.

75% of the weapon crates I found were empty.

they disappear when ever someone empties them


I’d say 50%, but yes only weapon crates seem to have this problem. Other crates seem fine.

Noticed this my self since last patch, some crates are empty.

Most of them are … but I did find m4, bolt, p250 and mp5a4 in crates … but I think I open like 100 before I could find any weapons … all other weapon crates … empty…
And this is on an fresh wiped server, and only 2 of us playing while testing this…

confirming this happened after last patch there are so many crates it seems like a balance that some dont have stuff in them

in a way it’s good also … meaning one have to search and grind a bit for it… RNG can be a bitch … and this way at least there is a good chance of an empty chest, and more YEZZ if u get something…

Since patch, I’ve noticed weapon crates are either empty, or have 9mm Pistol plans the majority of the time. I’ve found probably 5 9mm Pistol Plans for every other plan you can find lol.

I have noted this on most recent patch as well, open a crate, it is empty, click out of interface, and it despawns as if I looted it.

I’m okay with this, but it is a bit worse than getting a few gunpowder.

This is weird, before i was wrongly VAC-banned, i had opened TONS of crates and have never gotten an empty one. Yes i have gotten some with junk items in them, but never an empty one.

Yeah ive had this problem as well. Not sure if its part of the game but i could see it. They just need to make it a little less? i only got like 1 blue box out of 2 days that had somthing in it…