EmRA's 4 favorite classes pose for the camera

More or less dangerous.


This is actually really good!

Nice posing and angle!

Very nice.

also, gloveless heavy?

why does the sniper has a cap AND a panama?

do I smell a bandwagon comin? If so I would jump on it, the; “Pose your 4 favorite classes” bandwagon.

Good posing, I like it lots.

Gloveless Heavy: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=109801

Sniper has cap and panama because I have both ingame, I just prefer wearing the cap since it makes Sniper look more like a mercenary in my opinion.

Thanks for the comments gentlemen!

nice composition and posing. engie’s face makes me smile, too.

Sniper looks like his right knee is floating, but you can’t help it because his shoe would be clipping the ground.