EMS/First Aid Models/Props Needed.

Hello modelers! I am an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician or AEMT. Between calls, my partner and I like to jump on a Garry’s Mod LAN server together and mess around. We were talking about how fun it would be to do EMS role play in Gmod and even recreate some of our calls to see if could improve anything. The problem is there are basically no EMS and first aid item props other than generic first aid kits and tons of ambulance models for Gmod that we could find. We were hoping that some of you could create some for us! They don’t all have to be made by the same person. If a few of you want to make just one or two props and one person wants to do a whole pack, then hey whatever you feel like making will be much appreciated! And don’t worry if your modeling skills aren’t the best, they don’t have to look perfect. If anyone is interested in making some props and would like me to post pictures, I’ll be happy to. For now, here is a link to an ambulance supply check sheet front and back for you to reference. http://www.docstoc.com/docs/32418750/Daily-Ambulance-Inventory-Form Just search any of those items in Google Images and make whatever you feel like making whether its the stretcher or just a gauze pad it will all be greatly appreciated! As I said I’ll be glad to post pictures if needed. Thank you!