Emulating Counter-Strike (Source) Physics

I’m trying to recreate the CS:S physics the best I can, but the server settings aren’t really enough.

What are all of the major components required to give the game the correct physics? Is there a simple deathmatch gamemode with these settings I could work off or something?

Both games use the same physics engine, they have the same physics, there’s nothing to emulate.

The only difference are player movement stuff, which you can easily replicate by copy pasting convars from CSS to GMod ( Like sv_friction, sv_airacceleration, etc ) and player hull size, which you can do with Lua.

It’s still not identical or even close to how some servers have it set up.

Alright then, can you tell us what you think is off with the physics in comparison to CS:S physics? Perhaps we can give you a recommendation of variables that can help you achieve the correct effects.

Take a look at this.


It’s a port of CSS’s stamina system for when you jump and stuff.

Thank you, exactly what I was aiming for :v:

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Also, would this implementation have any kind of ill effect if the airaccelerate were changed to 100? For certain mg_ maps I’m porting, you’re required to have 100 to complete.

It shouldn’t affect it.