EN|DE - 09/07 - Allgaier Holzhuettn


we, a few friends of mine and I, would like to invite you to our new Rust server.

EN|DE - 09/07 - Allgaier Holzhuettn

What do we offer?

  • Active Admins (6 - 11pm GMT+1 almost every day)
  • Anti Cheat
  • Anti Glitch/exploit
  • Remove (on request)
  • Airdrop will start on the 09/13
  • Sleeper on
  • TS3 Server if there is a problem


  • No hacking
  • No glitch or exploit using
  • No Griefing
  • No Racism
  • Respect other players

We did wipe the server on the 09/07 so it is still very empty. Right now there are roughly 2-5 players on each day and we would like to extend our player base so we can enhance the experience for everybody on the server. You can use that opportunity to be part of this server right from the beginning and
have a influence on the direction the server will evolve.

Hope we will see you soon