[EN][EU]Forbidden-Networks Door Sharing/PVP/Sleepers/DoubleLoot

Hello, I am here on this thread to tell you about a Rust server I own. I have put a lot of effort into this server and really want some people to play on it.

First I will start off with the basics, the server has:
Door Sharing
Extra loot from Zombies and normal loot crates!
Item crafting times reduced by 50% !
Ability to check who’s online!
Airdrops when 2 or more players are online!
A private messaging system!
And more!

We currently are running at a glorious 250 slots! Which means you will be able to join with your friends without any disturbances of the server being full. We also offer active admins, who are fair. We do not have the kind of admins who ban people as they please, we respect our players and do everything possible to keep our players happy!
We have not removed anything like some servers do, in fact, we have DOUBLED the drop rate, with a chance of getting military weapons!
We are also very friendly and offer help when needed.
If you have any queries reply to this thread below and you will have a reply within 24 hours.
So what’re you waiting for!? Come join us now and bring your friends!

Site: http://forbidden-networks.com/index.php
Ip connect for server: net.connect eufr10.playrust.eu:28035 (Put that into your console (F1))
Teamspeak 3 I.P.: ts3.forbidden-networks.com:10617

We hope you all enjoying playing on our new server and will have many great memories to keep!
Forbidden-Networks Community.