Enable/disable spawn menu

I want to learn how to enable the spawn menu on the HL2 campaign gamemode, which disables it by default. For use with my friends, who love going crazy in the campaign but can’t stand the loading glitches and various other problems. I skimmed over the LUAs and didn’t find any obvious indicators.

[lua]function GM:SpawnMenuOpen()
return true

goes in cl_init.lua

“SpawnMenu” isn’t even present in the LUAs. :S

That gamemode probably derives from base instead of sandbox, and for good reasons. Make it derive from Sandbox and everything should just work.

I figured it out! All I did was copy the contents of the sandbox gamemode folder into hl2-campaign’s and copypasta’d the cl_init, init and shared LUAs together.

Apparently sandbox itself needs the spawnmenu folder and crap to work, it’s not a default entity.

So? I used it in my code to block the spawnmenu, and it work,s except i did not return it true, i returned it false