EnableVerticalScrollbar On Demand

Is it possible to call EnableVerticalScrollbar on demand? I have tried putting it like this but it won’t work as planned when I call them.

function ShowScroll()
TestList:EnableHorizontal( false )
TestList:EnableVerticalScrollbar( true )

function HideScroll()
TestList:EnableHorizontal( false )
TestList:EnableVerticalScrollbar( false )


What kind of list is this? DListView? Scrollbars probably only show when they are needed, even if you have activated them.

Sorry I am using a DPaneList.

Panellists only display their scrollbars if you actually add enough panels to them.

Yea I am trying to enable/disable it after that point.

Does it work if you enable it normally, just afte creating it?

I can get it to normally work but I only need to access it at certain times to scroll up, it really looks like crap with it there all the time since it is always visible.