Enabling Episode 2 Content on Gmod

I have an account with Gmod, and another account with Episodes One and Two, is it possible to enable the content on Gmod? I would assume so because I have the GCF Files.

The same accounts have to own both GMod and the Eps for them to be mounted.

But, is there any way to make that happen?

Not without buying GMod on the account with the eps on it (as I think that would be cheaper than buying the HL stuff again).

You could extract the content from the Ep2 .gcf into the garrysmod folder. It would waste some hard drive space, but it would work.

Huh, yea didn’t think of that, thats how you get the content to run on a server so it should work pretty well :slight_smile:

This does seem to be working, but it misses some stuff and does take up space… theres no way you can copy a single .txt or addon file to use the gcf? It seems like thats all you need to link the .gcf and Gmod.

Not if they’re on separate accounts. GMod can tell that you don’t own it, so it won’t mount the GCF even if you have it, since you could easily have pirated the GCF.

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why have two accounts in a first place?

Did you really need to bump a week-old thread to tell him he’s fucked, after people have told him a way to get un-fucked?

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Ok here’s what I would do! I would find someone and sell him the account with the Gmod on it. And use the other one with the games and just buy Gmod again, you don’t lose anything like that!

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…I think you might want to stop posting now. Because the problem was SOLVED.