enchanced inventory (bags, pockets, cartridge box for ammo, basic pouchs etc)

What about add some function to create BAGS, POCKETS or things like that so you will be able to carry some extra items in your inventory? :slight_smile:

so you can complain more when you die as well?

This has actually already been mentioned by Garry in the devblog at playrust.com.
At least there will be magazines where you can put in ammo in any order you like to get the same order out of your gun (eg. trace, fmj, fmj, trace, fmj, fmj, …) and this will be modular so there can be more items containing items.
He even gave an example, that it should be able to put a key in an apple, feed the apple to a pig and then if you kill the pig you get the key (if I recall that correctly). So there will be item nesting.

that will be great :slight_smile: i cant wait to some finished version to play :slight_smile:

exact source

here it is

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