Enclave character models (links to the models inside!)

Enclave is a pretty old game, but with pretty good graphics and gameplay. Ireally like it.
From that came the idea: Models for Gmod! I have only found a “models” folder, so i’m guessing the textures are with the models. If not…then we have good models without textures… That would leave some room for a little creativity.

Two separate downloads: the good people of the Enclave, and the evil Dregg’Atar ones.


The files are in XMD format.


Pretty please?

Post images, then someone will see if can do these

I couldn’t find any good or good-in-size pictures. At the one i found, the page refused to load.

But well…this is the heavy armor assassin.

This was the game with the most beautiful design i ever played so far, the atmospheres, soundtrack and gameplay are also very good.

Mutle, I was wondering if you could get me the textures of this game, i can´t open the files of this game, i would love to have the textures of this game to use on thief 2 fan missions.