Enclave Officer port from Fallout 3 or New Vegas

I was wondering if any of those who port models into Garry’s Mod would be able to do so with an Enclave Officer. No specifics, really, other than he be wearing the full uniform. If you could, it would be greatly appreciated. You could get the uniform from either Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas, though in New Vegas it doesnt appear in-game except on Judah Kreger, it’s still in the game’s files.

Mister Avourlace

Found some nice headhacks, thanks to Sie-Sveinhund

Physics are a little wonky, but this should do.

There is an enclave officer ragdoll with C17 Citizen head’s hacked onto it, but at the moment i sadly don’t have a link… ^^’

Thank you so much! I couldnt find this.

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Sorry, you were a bit late, the guy right before you posted the link, but thanks anyway! Most people dont even post, and since yours was slightly informative that one existed, I thank you!