End of CoderHire, End of Support ?

So, i am quite sure everyone knows that CoderHire is closing. This means we wont be able to buy/sell scripts but my question is: What happens to scripts people already bought/sold ? Will we get any support if they are out of date or will we get any updates ? Or this means all scripts that were there are just done and developers wont support em anymore ? If they will still support sold scripts then how should we contact them cause having everyone on steam is impossible and inefficient…

Just feels kinda unfair that i spent ~300$ on scripts and if Garry updates Gmod one day then my server will be permanently broken. What are your thoughts on all this ?

How about you read the news article on coderhire before asking questions?

Can we stop making threads about it? I am not trying to be rude or something but there is already four threads about that.

On 30th September, the site will be switched to a read-only mode. The site will remain in this read-only state for no less than 6 months until at least 30th March 2015.

And then what ? I kinda think after that he will probably close down whole site cause he wont get any money of developer subscription to host site on. Am i wrong ?

you are right also anyone know any other websites ?

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Could you please point out the section then, that i seemingly missed…

** The site will remain in this read-only state for no less than 6 months until at least 30th March 2015.**

And after that ?

Complete dead, 404’d.


f minus

see me after class

And that leads to my main question that you can read by scrolling up…

Nobody knows, but take that as a sign to start learning to code…

You can’t pay $5 and expect to get free support forever.

True, but there are scripts for 20$-30$ some GameModes even more. When i buy a game on steam i am confident enough to get updates when something fatal breaks (gmod update in this matter).