End of the line

scenebuild on gm_black.


absolutely suberb scenebuild and lighting

Holy shit

This is incredible.

Sweet fancy Moses

This is fantastic! Very neat scenebuild.

Holy fucking epic scenebuild batman! This is pure beauty. The music fits perfectly.

thanks! it’s great to hear it looks good, since it took quite a few hours to make. i usually give up halfway through with bigger scenebuilds, glad i finished this one :v:

Really cool! The only errors I can find (which is found by nitpicking) is the girl walking because of the arm clipping, makes it look a little weird. And the guy on the bench with the CP, he’s sitting in the bench.


This is a masterpiece of scenebuilding.

her arm isn’t actually clipping, although it seems like it from this angle.

That is amazingly done.
Nice scenebuild.

But they never leave,
no one ever gets on, but they’re always full…
keeps rambling

Yeah, I gotcha, Just one of the small downsides from those models.

also if anyone ever asks “why should i build on gm_black???” give them this pic

Two of the guys in the middle are missing shadows. Scenebuild is top-tier though, really well done.

This is wonderful, very well done!

Mother of God, outstanding.

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How did you do the roof?

heh, idd :v:

yep, in fact all of the people are missing shadows. shadows don’t seem to work well on props :frowning:

the roof consists of a bunch of metal walls from mass effect with a window material applied to them. the roof supports are from hl2, i think. i used stacker to get the pieces lined up like that.

damn good job from scratch, i thought it was a map at first glance

I like trainz…this is a step above a lot of stuff, no explosions, no guns, no generic shite, just a beautiful simplistic setting, the scenebuild itself is just fantastically made. Kudos sir, kuuudos.

What kind of prop is the concrete floor of the train station?