End of the night.



Very lovely.

Would make this my wallpaper if the image was bigger. Real heartwarming.

reminds me of rivendell. looks great

Magically beautiful.

Wow great job. I love it.

I’m sorry, but this section is for gmod pictures only, no real life stuff.


everlasting sex

Beautiful indeed.
What map do you use or it’s scenebuild?

Very nice and relaxing. Well done.

This is extremely pretty.

looked at the thread, entered , came


you are a sex symbol for scenebuilds, you are indeed magnificent my santiago

That lighting is just beautiful.



Map, etc names pelase?

It’s a scenebuild. Meaning the “map” is actually made out of props.

As in, it’s probably a nighttime flatgrass map with a lot of props that the OP arranged to make a nice-looking scene.