"End of torment" - Some dude surrounded by some evil mutants in some dark place.

Ispirited by that music:

C&C please :slight_smile:

you keep making someguys in someplaces doing some thing…

someguy ftw :v: smiley for you :v: :v:

Awesome! Love the models.

Nice job dude, although is that some sort of magical light, or is it symbolic?

I Love it!

whats the player model?

that is epic

I have the mask but I want that guy,has cool clothes.

It’s that, well, someguy again.
Cool stuffs bro.
Liking it.

Some guy! Nooo! You can’t die!

Where did you get the ghoul model?!

Their all from SIN, Dark Messiah and Killing floor, exepct the “someGuy” in the middle He’s another version of the Terriost Phenix dude

Nice work btw

Reminds me a lot of Dead Space, probably because of the welding mask.

Nice volumetric light, even though it seems a bit too heavy.

Cs source beta models, and if I was that guy I would fight to the death. It seems unfitting to just die, or is he getting like to some (Insert a religions ‘holy’ place here).


Reminds me of the resonance cascade in half-life 1 when you end up between all those vorts!

Check the fucking dates, please…