End Round music in Deathrun

So I added this to a file in lua/autorun/server called endround.lua and put this lua code in

hook.Add( "OnRoundSet", "Round Set Example", function( round, winner )
	if round == ROUND_ENDING then
		if winner == TEAM_RUNNER then
		elseif winner == TEAM_DEATH then
		elseif winner == 123 then -- If the winner is the timelimit, it will be the number 123.
end )

But when someone wins the round no music plays and i get this error Create Stream Failed error 41 Failed to load sound “runnerswin.mp3”, file probably missing from disk/repository
I tried looking for the sound folder that its supposed to play out of but i cant find it. I am also using a hosting company. Does anyone know where to find this “sound” folder. Thanks!

Did you install the sounds yourself? They must exist somewhere on the server, for example you can put them in gamemodes/deathrun/content/sound/.

Nope still nothing im still getting that error any other ideas i got this code from this thread if it helps i just dont really know where to put the sounds http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1245552

The sound folder is in the garrysmod/ directory (where all the materials, maps, models, etc folders are). If it doesn’t exist, create it.