End round points

Okay, so I searched the forums for a solution to my problem which would be trying to get end of round points for my server (deathrun). I found this: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1301993 but I can’t change the ammount of points each team gets, can someone please tell me how to change the end of round points?

Are you sure you read all posts? like, the first post aftet the thread already shows something thats wrong in the top script.

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He posted full version after it, fully working ‘if anyone wants to use it’.

Maybe your server got different team numbers or such? Look through the source.

It works just IDK how to change number of points given.

the function ps_givepoints or so, change the number inside ()?

I don’t think you understand, the line of code has ‘PS_GivePoints(prize)’ so I would have to change something in the prize variable but I don’t quite understand it. It would be good if someone made this code more simple.

Change that to your liking

“more simple”? It is already simple, you just put the desized prize inside the ().