Ending the tyranny of elevator bases. *HEAR ME OUT DEVS*

We all know that there are currently two types of bases in rust expeirmental: Raidable n00b ground cabins and hardcore unraidable skycrappers, usually on rocks/ in water. The only way to get to get to the loot room (or even the outer door) is by building you way up with twig blocks, then destroying them. None can get up there really unless they poop rockets out of their :heart::heart::heart::heart: towards the tool cabinet, so these last a while. Some may object that but this ‘defensive method’ is a real game breaker: bases become nearly impossible to raid unlike their ground, traditional rust bases. No naked will camp your door, no arch-nemesis will beat you in the game in fair play. So, after a long while thinking for a solution i came up with this:
Any player can build how many twig building parts he want in authorized other player’s territory, but will not be able to upgrade them. This might not be perfect, and surely some wont like it, so i made a pros/cons list for the idea.


  • No more elevator bases (Pretty obvious)
  • Pepole cant really seal your home with building parts (Twig fortress falls in a matter of seconds)
  • Major affect on online raids (Raiders try to build up, keep shootting the :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: down!)


  • Most pepole love bases being so safe, taking it away would make them actually WORK to make the base safer (Dis sux!)
  • Having to bash twig stuff around your base after raiders are gone

(I didnt really find any other cons, surely the guys in the comments can help with that. Might edit that list, though.)

You think this will make the rust world a better place/would :heart::heart::heart::heart: up gameplay? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments!

<3 Louin

Edit: ive gone through the comments and come to a conclusion: right, the term of ‘unraidable base’ is wrong. with the c4 and the mouse to click and plcae it pretty much everybase is raidable. what i look forward to fix with this change is prevent players that DIDNT put much effort in building a base getting it pretty much ‘unreachable’, which happens when they drop crap wood 2x3 house on a rock. preheaps im wrong, and this method should and will stay in the game, and if you think so, prove me wrong.

congratulations, this is the most stupid idea ive ever seen here. if u cant raid the base dsnt mean its unraidable. this only means u you dont want to make an effort to raid it. and the thing u ask for is an easy raid any base some1 spent hours to build. roflmao

Welcome to 3 months ago! I fully agree… But they also need to fix other stuff like c4 taking 45 min to craft and that overkill blast radius.

That over blast radius for sure …

They can solve build-ups with introducing ladders that do not need building permission from the cupboard. But then people also need some real wall defenses ( that spike floor maybe that Gabe is adding now? ).

Add barbed wire to walls for additional metal frags. That would be cool

There’s no such thing as an unraidable base.

Conversely, most people who whine about “unraidable bases” love getting things for free, so the current system makes them actually WORK to attack a base.

There are plenty of carebear servers out there that have all kinds of weird rules like “no mixing twig and armor” and “no jumping more than four times except while running and/or in combat on the third Wednesday of each month between the hours of noon and 8:17pm GMT”. I suggest you go find one of those to play on.

Hey, I worked hard for all the shit in my base. If you do not wish to work hard to get it, you don’t deserve it.

if someone is really trying to raid a house with the right amount of c4, no base is ‘unraidable’, i give you that. just it harms how fluid the game is: twig wood 2x2 two store house on a rock in fresh wipe shouldnt be so OP against hordes of nakeds. on the other hand, i do belive that bases which the player really put in time and effort would be pretty much n00b resistant.

It’s not a new suggestion, but it does deal with some of the raiding problems that come up a lot. What I dislike is that this negates elevators bases, without impacting on raid towers, and presumably is still dependent on the building cupboard, only instead of a building radius, there’s an upgrade radius. In other words, raiders win and base defense takes a hit yet again.
Elevators are the only major defense going right now. It takes time and resources to deal with them, but more often than not, people complain about them because they have to put a bit of effort into the raid. That’s how it should be, you’re taking a lot of what another player has spent their time on. There needs to a fair input on the raiders side too, even if this isn’t the ideal way.

most raids on big bases that use tons of c4 are pretty much inevitable, its how much walls vs how much c4. im talking about houses that little effort was put to build but are realatively strong to the ground bases.

You know, if they would just get around to fixing the stability bug that’s causing exploded building to continue floating, sky towers wouldn’t be an issue at all. Just blow up the damn foundations if they build so high up, even if the building doesn’t fall down their base is still doomed as soon as the server restarts. The only downside is that you can’t get their loot without finding that cupboard spot.

If they want you to raid these bases there are some obvious things they could add. Siege towers, Siege ladders, etc. My personal favorite would be Hang gliders.

Before we can add more raid tools we also need more defense tools like traps and stuff. Stuff like putting explosives in decoy chests, mines, fake ceiling that drops weight when stepped on a trigger, such stuff. Bear traps are completely useless right now. They should at least prevent the trapped person from moving until they heal up or something. Otherwise raiding offline bases is too easy as long as you’re stocked on C4.

The raid towers really suck imo. I’ve been raided like 20 times maybe in the past few months and i think 19 of them were people attacking from top to bottom.

Do you have staircases on your bottom floors?

Do you have stairs in your house?

Also, I love the fact that OP defines “tyranny” as “I’m prevented from stealing someone else’s stuff”.

Sorry, elevators are for noobs. Also, rock bases are some of the easiest to raid. They have the huge disadvantage of a very narrow foundation footprint which makes them almost laughably easy to knock out the few foundations they have.

I don’t think that’s correct.

Do you think bases should be easier to raid? LAWL YOU WANT FREE LOOT EASY MODE!!
Do you think bases should be harder to raid? LAWL YOU WANT EASY PROTECTED MODE!!

Gotta love these arguments, both sides claim the other wants the game to be easier.

This is Rogue Captain speaking… as a solo player… I use these tactics to cook metal things in my furnace away from the random assholes who want to grieve.

Too many of you want to grieve for the fk of it just to do it. SO FUCK you, we will continue to use these tools to avoid you ass hats (head up your ass) to be able to make mats for weapons creation.

Play your fkn game… we will play ours to avoid yours… FK off!!


Cant I just sneak my hand out of HIS cookie jar with all the stuff?