Endless Problems: Force Download Help.

Hey there guys, I have been working on a DarkRP server for about a week now, and i keep stumbling over unsolvable problems. I didn’t even have a facepunch account until about 10 mins ago due to never needing help. And believe me, i would rather just find the solution that someone else already found, then type all this myself. All that to say, this is my last resort. Basically my main problem: Cannot get players to download my addons before entering my server. And the first things that come to mind is: http://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/Workshop_for_Dedicated_Servers or the resource.AddWorkshop(“random_id”) or even the resource.AddFile(models/misc/misc). But believe me ladies and gentlman, I have tried everything in the book. When I do the +host_workshop_collection It download everything in ds_176381713.gma format right? Yes it did, did it force the players to download this? Nope. so i tried the resource.AddWorkshop(“random_id”), did it force the players to download? YES! FINALLY! Oh wait…whats this? The models and stuff is still errors? WTF?! (Another note, i checked my “downloads” in my gmod folder, and the addons were indeed there, but in-game, no avail.) So that’s out, and the resource.AddFile(models/misc/misc) is not compatible with doing via workshop stuff.

And the next thought your thinking. “You did it wrong, you have your forcedownloads.lua in the wrong folder” Indeed I do not, i have read so many forum posts and so many youtube videos, i don’t think i could put something in the wrong place if i tried. (in case your wondering i currently have it in lua/autorun/server, but i have also tried lua/autorun and many other. either error or does nothing) But here is an interesting point: I did (for my darkrp hud) resource.AddFile(“materials/gui/silkicons/dollar.vmt”) and it downloaded just fine! And worked in-game! (of course there were more .vmt and .vft files, i just did not wish to paste the entire list.).

If I am not giving enough information, just tell me, and i will give more. Basically, all I want my server to auto download/subscribe to my addons, and people load in with ease without having to lift a finger.

Thanks, DanDaMan

EDIT 1: Sorry about the wrong post icon, It doesnt seem to want to update, i did not see the help one until later.

The issue that I believe you are suffering from is that you do not have the correct path specified for the job/entity/weapon/etc in DarkRP.

Find a job that keeps being an error, post the model path you’ve specified for that job and then make sure that the model actually exists in that directory.
If you’ve specified models/player/superman/superman.mdl, then tripple check that the model actually exists there.

You’ve definitely not tried everything, and if we can’t manage to solve your issue here, I can help you privately but then I would require some information from you.

Ignore the guy above if you’d rather to do Workshop hosting. They were errors because you need to do both +host_workshop_collectio and the resource.AddWorkshop together. One sends files to the client and the other hosts them on the server.