Endor Patrol

Testing out my own clean stormtrooper skin.
I feel like something is missing in this pic but I can’t point out what it is.

Watch out for those Ewoks -they’re scarier than they look men.
Seriously, they fought like the Vietcong, used Punji stick traps, murdered the troops during the night, and use other booby traps. The Imperial Garrison Force on Endor was legitimately scared of them, there was even a comic about it.

I think the posing looks a bit wonky, man.

And then there’s something else, but I can’t quite put my finger on it (It might the completely flat ground though)

needs way more ferns and undergrowth. those trees aren’t Endor-like at all either

Endor’s a pretty thick forest planet it would have looked better to see some more trees in the background rather than being able to see the sky.

the problem is that Endor is a planet-wide redwood forest, not a tropical jungle. the pic screams for giant redwood trees. there aren’t any models of those, but upscaled pine trees would work just as fine

plus the cyan/green tint in the lighting doesn’t work either

I tried to simulate light bouncing.

so i thought

it’s a little strong though

Add some volumetric mist and we have ourselves in-game footage of the new Battlefront xD. Their trailer is a sweet lie.

Looking good.