Endor style Rebels

Garry’s Mod lacks rebels overal, but does anyone know of some Endor-style rebels from Star Wars?


As far as I can recall, I don’t remember anyone making and/or porting any Endor rebel models in the past. The only rebel models I’m aware of can be found here, but there aren’t any Endor rebels included.

Yeah, it’s a shame really.

Would this be ok?

Sure. Could it be possible to get the raw files for some heads?

I fear the Battlefront 2015 human heads are pretty much unusable right now. They can be fixed, but it’s a very time-consuming process. You could ask Corra, i think he said he found an easier way.
But here’s the rest for the time being:

Thanks alot.

I’d love to see the Battlefront rebels in gmod, could always use existing heads if the ones from the game are broken, would be cool to see the female soldiers as well.

Female rebels are a no-go without decent heads. HL2 heads are really bad, especially if you have a great quality body, sticking a HL2 head onto them results in mixed feelings if you ask me.

Plenty of decent female character models out there who could get decapitated for this, would just be a pain to get in touch with all the different authors and all that, hell honestly I’d be happy with the male and female bodies without any head like in the picture, if someone made the helmet a separate prop you can always do some photoshop headhack magic for screenshots at least.