Endwar EF vehicles

The majority of the endwar European vehicles ragdolled in some cases and bodygrouped in most.

Contains the HQ vehicle, mule and standard drones, Tank, attack and two transport helicopters an IFV as well as a mobile artillery vehicle.


recommend these to go along with it

As to bodygroups

1:0 - no loadout
1:1 - com module
1:2 - scan module?

1:1 - extra weapon armouring

1:1 - 1:3 - some extra turret loadouts like MG, scanner and the like

1:0 - closed door
1:1 - opened door
2:1 - normal turret
2:2 - rocket turret
3:1 - extra armour

1:1 - extra weapon scanner?

Medium chopper 
1:0 - closed door
1:1 - opened door

Massive chopper
1: 0 - closed door
1:1 - opened door

The mini drone, fighter and attack heli have no bodygruops

These look like they’ll be fun to work with. Nice job!

Only thing I’m really not happy with though is the windows :frowning: Can’t seem to get them right

They look pretty decent on maps with good cubemaps though. On maps with none, not so much.

those are goddamn awesome looking. well done

Very nice job, that helis would be very useful.

I hope you will port russian vehicles. :open_mouth:

At a later date possibly. I just want to finish some quake stuff first of all though.

quick question, remember those GC2 NSA vehicles you made from my request, did you ever finish the rest?, like Aircraft and hailstorms?

Those are some wicked trucks.

what modelling program did you use to rig them?

Great job, wraithcat! Do you port USA and Russia units, in future?

any word on your progress? I really want the USA or Russian stuff but i want Russian models first :zoid:

-snip, the bump isn’t that old-

Haven’t touched them yet

Any word on progress?

Good work! And what about american and russian vehicles?

I’ll do them when I feel like doing them. That’s about it.