Enegagement in downtown.

Edited by L.T.Mark

Those effects.

Blood looks a little silly from the guy thats on the ground,Overall Awesome

are awful

it’s a lt mark edit alright

Those effects are as bad as a guy in my class’s grades.

And they are bad.

It’s funny how most of you only can point out the bad things

I love how this guy on the middle is being headshotted.

I couldn’t edit anything in even remotely fair looking if my life depended on it, but that blood looks so … flat.

Take away the pretty poorly done effects and you’re left with a fairly generic scene that’s horribly overdone. Not much to really say bout it there chief.

It seems the only original part of this picture is the intense exaggeration of every effect in there.

The smoke is too thick and large

The muzzle flashes are too intense for my eyes to handle

That blood is a joke that seems to be un-level with the floor

That fire is horrid and to me it looks just pasted on

And what’s with all of the random sparks everywhere? Is there a new BF3 glitch where the engineer is invisible or is that how a bullet hitting anything metal looks like.

Sad how everyone bashes it yet it gets 7 artistics. I think the effects aren’t great, way over exagerated but if he was steered in the right direction with the smoke/fire/blood the picture would be great.

you can use the command “ent_fire !picker disableshadow” while looking at that bay view hotel sign model
that will take care of the ugly intense shadow

and in general, i dislike gm_bigcity but the scene youve put up is quite good, im just not liking the left parts of the pic where you can see how blocky the building looks. try placing some ac units on the walls of the building, pipes, etc to make it less obvious that its gm_bigcity

That’s sick, man.