Enemy Neutralized

What do you guys think?





You can view it on Deviant Art here: http://musiikkiluomuksia.deviantart.com/art/GMOD-Enemy-Neutralized-386892866

magical hoverboot technology

Yeah, I noticed that too. Darn models.

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I love you too, private.

The posing seems duplicated, and aside from fixing the hoverboots, I would suggest varying their stances a bit so that they look natural and like they’re actually being attentive. The edit could use some work, it’s not really doing anything for the picture.

Seems like that. Do you know any good ways I can get my poses more natural looking and improve the editing?

Not too bad, but yeah as everyone says-just try not to make them hover. Take your time when posing the humans; takes some practice to make non hovering models in a scene.

Right. I’ll try to avoid that from happening again. Thanks.