Enemy NPCs - Poor shooting and not used to their full potential

During my many hours of play, i’ve noticed that the Combine soldiers can’t shoot for **** and the Elite Combine soldiers do not used their secondary attack, I would like to have a free-form experience but it’s quite boring when the combine die like flies (even when they outnumber the rebels 5:1). Sure, the hunters are horrendous but the footsloggers are nowhere near that lethality :stuck_out_tongue:

My guess is that the accuracy for them is toned down and I’d like to know how to quick-fix this :smiley:

Wasn’t there a mod that fixes that?


Putting NPCs such as the Soldier into squads (You use simple Lua to do it) makes them work a lot more intelligently, taking it in turns to cover each other and attack.

Download -TB-'s NPC AI mod (I can’t find it at present) to make the Soldiers act a lot better than normal, they will move like they do in Half-Life 2. There are also options in it to make Civil Protection Officers use Manhacks, and Soldiers use Grenades (Energy orbs in the case of the Elite).

Download NPC Proficiency mod to change their accuracy.

I see, thanks!

Its at http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=32647

That does work, yes. :v: