Enemy Rebels

Is there a way to make rebels your enemy? It is a crucial part in a machinima i am making. If anyone knows of some way in-game, an addon, or how to make a rebel npc that is your enemy, please help me out.

Oh wow awesome! i just learnt. there’s a site with lots and lots of models! Also

Fucking search. it ws on the first page

I searched FPSBanana, and was going to search garrysmod.org next. Well, that’s simple.

Why search FPS? it never done me any good except the early days.
stick with garrysmod.org it’ll do.

Actually, I have a slight problem with that addon. It plays combine voices for the rebels, which isn’t very good now is it? Is there something without this, or a way to fix it?

Just use the player factions mod.