Enemy Spotted


This is my first time to do some after effects on non-archimedes picture.
The title isn’t very good for this picture, but anyway,
every comments are welcomed :slight_smile:

It’s pretty generic, but I’m really digging the smoke coming off the ejecting shells. Also you forgot to erase the edges of your muzzle flashes. There’s a cross on his left arm that extends to the right of the screen.

One of the shells popping out looks like an eyebrow, which is making him look really sad.
Poor guy, he doesn’t want to kill the humans. I just want to get him a big mug of hot cocoa and tell him it’s going to be alright.

It seems it’s already exist when i’m taking the picture, i’m sorry to hear that :frowning:

I’ll try not to make the same mistake next time, thanks for your criticism :slight_smile: