"Enemys are falling back, careful. it could be Trap!"


very long times gone after use AA3 models

He just broke his foot in 13 places.

Soldier: Why the fuck are you shooting our tank!?!

Also i don’t think he can hear him saying “it might be a trap” over that gun fire

Posing is good though

Helicopter is unrealistically low and clutters up the picture. Posing is great, as usual. I especially like the way the guy in the background is leaning forwards.

it’s not so low… looks low

Mmm thats some very sexy posing thar.

if that helicopter isn’t low, then it’s at least 6x the size it’s supposed to be.

Good to see the M4 gettin’ used. Posing is noice, but I don’t like the glow.


you think bloom is too much?

Yea, especailly on his arm.

legs too.

however the glows are not so good.

bloody damn.

I love it…PERIOD!!

At the foot:


where did u get that M113? I want it! lol

i hope i’m not bumping but i saw something in this picture those have different faces then the aa3 hacks i’ve been finding could you give me a link or tell me where you got the pack

you are

ugh shut up