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Greetings everyone !

The server im advertising isn’t actually mine, I just play on it but I think it deserves more people on it - Why?

  1. It is lagg free ! This is one of the servers where I have really no lagg !

  2. No abusive admins - I hate admins that spawn stuff in, but these are actually really friendly and paly like real players, they will also ban any hacker around and are very active !

  3. It is a new server so theres no real big bandits groups yet with tons of c4 to blow up ur house right after you made it.

  4. It has the Oxide plugin wich enables : “/pm, /who” And it shows when a person connects to the server.

  5. There will be no wipes except when a pach forces it !

Come join this server at net.connect eude40.playrust.eu:28000.

Regards !