[ENG/NL] Demerit.nl Gaming Community[Rust++Mod][TS3 Server][PVP On][Sleepers][Active/Friendly Admins][Daytime60Min/5Min]

Dear Gamers,

We are the Demerit.nl gaming community and
We recently started a Rust server for everyone to enjoy.
If you’re interested then click the join server button to start playing.
We would love to see you in game.

How to connect:

Our full hostname:

[ENG/NL] Demerit.nl Gaming Community[Rust++Mod][TS3 Server]
[PVP On][Sleepers][Active/Friendly Admins][Daytime60Min/5Min]

Use the console:

If you want to connect trough console:

Zero tolerance towards hackers (If you hack you will be perma-banned).
The Demerit Gaming Community currently hosts a
2048 slot Teamspeak3 Server for anyone to use
so bring your friends and join the fun.
Looking for groups and clans to join our community.

Freshly started on March the 4th 2014
Good support.
24/7 online.
Admin powers used only to protect from cheaters.
Friendly staff to help you in any way
Magma mod installed (formerly rust++)
PVP fun times no admin abuse new player friendly!
Low latency
Sleepers enabled
Untouched rust starter gear

Feel free to join the fun!

Kind Regards,

The Demerit.nl Gaming Community.



wow really nice server i think the ENG in the hostname means for all ppl that can speak english??? i am really going to play this server tomorrow after school.



Hope to see you online soon

Kind Regards,

The Demerit.nl Gaming Community

i am going to test this out!

Good Job

looks really good i have like 15 friends but we are currently playing on a server but if we need to switch we are going to try out your server looks really cool to play on it doesnt matter for me that you just started so there probally not alot of ppl but that will come in time

i am from netherland but the rest comes from australia since this is a ENG/NL server it doesnt matter right?

Everyone is welcome it doesn’t matter where you are from.

i played today really nice server guys try this out i had a good time today!!! friendly admins aswel

you guys should check out this server!

is there anyway to destroy wrong placed pillars?

Started yesterday and its a great server. Helpful admin team and fun ts chat if you choose for that.

Definately should try this server if you wanna start on a new server!

Really cool server just need to wait untill it fills some more up than it will be way more fun

Just switched the server from New York to Europe now the ping is really nice aswell we will contact an admin to edit this post for now:

you can use:


Hope we see you soon everyone is welcome

first post just changed into the new info i am bussy with installing OXIDE mod and going to config own made plugins:)

and we are going to create a website for the rust server…

some more stuff tested started with website going good going good:D


cant wait till the webapp rcon arrives to this server:)


We are going to create a arena to hold some nice pvp areas with rewards.


I will concider making a hide and seek area would be very funny i gues!

Hi guys,

We need more players on this server. Great Admin team and fresh started server. Just need more players.

Join us in the fun!