[ENG] Sleepers - PVP - Active Admins - Worth a read, if you've had bad experiences

Looking for all types of players to join a newly made server.

The server as it stands has around 60 players, on through the day and night due to time zones (63 profiles to be exact).

Majority of players are English speaking and admins (only 2) are willing to provide starter resources and any advice. I myself am on most evenings as work during the day and would love to start a large community of diverse players.
As an admin, I will promise to never abuse my power as I mainly play this game to build magnificent structures - I’d also be willing to take suggestions on what to build i.e. raiding towns or pvp zones.

If interested I am planning on keeping news/events posted on my twitter @nev_dod, I haven’t seen many admins doing this which is such a waste as I think communication is key.

Automatic backups of the server every 2 hours and a manual backup saved to my system every evening - and not planning on doing any wipes!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me on the above, or if you just want to join a server where you’ll be helped on your way. Press F1 while on the server list and paste the following in:

net.connect eufr10.playrust.eu:28105

Thanks for reading,


This server has a really friendly community, built up of both seasoned veterans and new players, it’s worth a look if you’re interested, server is active until very late in the night, most of us seem to limit our sleep in order to get more time on Rust…

Give me a shout in game (Acid1ty) if you want me to start you off with some food and cloth gear etc once I find you, hope you enjoy playing!

Also home to a couple of us who find it fun to reverse raid (Jumping into houses that are vunerable - missing ceilings letting people jump in, windows, etc) and leaving the player some extra goodies (gathered by us, not spawned in!) to wake up to in the morning, or if they’re online some advice on how to make their home secure.

Had some great times on the server already, give it a go! :slight_smile:

Oxide now installed! Features:

Door Sharing
Private messaging

So many amazing players already!! - Come along and have fun on a server that has 0 downtime as its hosted by the best server provider (not providers that delete your hard work and efforts)

Up to 90 profiles - Lets keep it going if you’re after a server that will never wipe, and not Fudge about with admin privileges.
If it helps, the majority of us are British

Growing fast with a good community; new features coming soon include economy and a dedicated teamspeak server for the community to join and either talk in the public lobby or create their own passworded channel to use voice comms with their friends/group.

will be installing the remover plugin later on this evening… which allows admins/players to remove unwanted building parts e.g. incorrectly placed foundations and pillars!!

net.connect eufr10.playrust.eu:28105


Weekend BUMP

My server was up within an hour of yesterdays PATCH…

Please note DOORSHARE and other MODS are working 100%

Hope to see you soon.



Have installed PORTALS!! PURE game changer!!

Come have a look and find the metal building with a P (drawn in small stashes)


So many amazing people have joined already - come join the community

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Air drops now set to 20 players - Currently 15 online.