ENG/SWE Rust Server. PVP/Sleepers = ON! Welcome!

We are a friendly growing community.

How to join:

  1. Open your Rust client.
  2. Enter f1 while you’re in the main meny.
  3. type in net.connect
  4. Enjoy your stay!


  • PVP is on.
  • Sleepers is on.
  • Airdrop every 10 players. (May change if needed.)
  • 50 slots available. (May change if needed)
  • Two active admins, one more active durning the week.
  • Instacraft is on. (Vote on site)

We will also set up our own webside soon.

Features with the website:

  • You’ll be able to vote on our server.
  • See a live map over the server.
  • Be able to communicate with other members/staff.
  • Be able to report hackers/cheaters/glitches & bugs.
  • Be able to apply for Admin. (Cooming soon).

Admin/Owners: (Might change if needed)

More features will be added soon, since both owners are pretty new to the Rust server management, welcome!

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EDIT: Website will be up soon!

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not four" - postal))