Engagement at Dawn


Beautiful lighting, where did you get that tank model?

I would not want to be the other tank.

I wonder who will win :downs:

Awesome posing, angle, and lighting. (And editing?)

Apocalypse tank, ready to crush.

Really good stuff.

That Chieftan is so fucked.

Which tank?

Thanks everyone.

Fucking nice.

I wouldn’t wanna be facing a Chieftan, either. :hurr:
Good posing.

Looks more like a Merkava than it looks like a Chieftain to me. Otherwise, funny picture.

It’s a Chieftan. It’s the one from WiC.

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Merks have a much deeper hull at the front on account of the engine being there, and the turret is even flatter. Oh, and the turret also overhangs the rear of the tank. At least, it does on the new ones anyway, can’t remember if it also does on the older ones.

I keep seeing this map! Anyone mind telling me what it’s called?

Have a winner!


It is a Chieftain though.


How did you get that map to work? I downloaded the fix but I SOME trees still have missing textures.