Engeneer's nightmare

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Original http://uppix.net/4/6/9/6148b366e6c11ba4cb397227e0361.jpg


What? :downs:

engineer :eng101:

you misspelt the word “engineer” in the title as “engeneer”

Oh! I’m sorry!

It’s all good, bro. Nice pic.

Thank you!

Too bad you couldn’t find a giant left hand. It took me a moment to figure out what was going on.


Actually, it was the left hand that is chasing him, so it would be the right hand that would have to be chasing him, since he cut off his right hand.

Oh man I screwed that up, it’s a left hand, engineer replaced in RIGHT hand. may bad.

My previous statement still applies though, albeit with right/left switched.

I love the idea.