Engie Fever.



My fourth or fifth work with Gmod. Tried harder on this one than on any previous ones!
Any tips on enhancing the quality of screenshots? Video options are all on max. (Or quality like this is normal?)

The angle is wierd…

But the rest is good

Thanks. I always seem to turn the camera a bit.

I like the angle.

I don’t like the angle at all, and it doesn’t feel very actiony either just kinda looks like they are sitting there with some dead scouts.

Angle is weird, posing is odd. It has no lighting at all. The composition could be better.
There are also HL2 textures behind them.
And use jpeg_quality 100, becouse the artifacts are everywhere.

It’s more like fuuuuuuuuuver

Thanks for the “jpeg_quality 100” command :>
Anyway, that’s not HL2 textures. They are a part of that TF2 map, I didn’t add them myself (The wooden thingies behind engineers that is)
And about the posing… Well I still have difficulties with it.