Engine Error : Could Not Load Library Client

Help please! Whenever I launch Garrys Mod, it skips past the valve intro thing, and goes right to a blue screen that in the bottom right says loading. Then it crashes saying “Engine Error : Could Not Load Library Client” Please help me!! I have been looking on how to fix this forever and I cant find any fix! I am running a mac 10.5.8, and DO NOT say “Well theres your problem, Mac 10.5.8.” I KNOW ITS NOT THE BEST

There’s a Valve intro on Garry’s Mod?

I thought there was. I don’t know though, this problem’s been going on for a year so I’ve forgotten. Do you know any fixes?

Only solutions I found were reinstalling the game/steam. You could try just verifying the caches of hl2 and Garry’s Mod.

I’ve tried that a million times. Steam support won’t help, and neither will garrys mod support :confused: